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is the best place to learn.

We combine the best curriculum and activity for the best development.

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our student with Idea.

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make a brighter future for our country

In our school, we will always strive to provide the best development in every child, whether in social life, emotional, spiritual, physical, and language. Some of our programs are math, science, skills, story telling in english, gym, computer, essays, music, and much more

The Champion School is always trying to provide the best quality for children. We believe every child is unique, and for every child is precious. Therefore we always provide the best basis for children, from early life education to elementary school.

Together with parents, our teachers will provide the best education so they grow with awareness of their abilities, talents and hobbies.

One of the keys of our school is to encourage children to have a winning soul in every aspect of their lives, and more importantly we teach them with affection and discipline.

We will always strive to do the best.

What We Believe

If we nurture a plant when its just a seed and beginning to bud, chances are that plan will bring forth much fruits and blossom more a have a fulfilling life span A good gardener will take the time to give each seed planted proper care and nutrition until the plant is fully grown and strong, needing less support. We believe our children are the same way and some of them get uprooted from not having that attention and care early on. Hand in hand with parents to make sure that we provide good ground and good soil for our children to take root and grow in. The end result is prize garden of children who will be able to give to the next generations of flowers newly planted

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